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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of contract would I be employed under?

As an employee of Ducas, you would be employed under an ‘over-arching’ contract. This may allow us to offset your expenses (for full list of what you can submit see the Expenses Explained Page) against your tax by putting into place an arrangement, which replaces some of your salary with expenses, which are paid free of tax and National Insurance.

What benefits do I receive?

As an employee of Ducas, you will receive all the statutory benefits that you’d expect as an employee, such as sick pay, maternity/paternity leave and holiday pay. All of your tax and National Insurance contributions are automatically deducted from your salary and paid to HMRC, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that everything is taken care of for you.

Am I eligible to register with Ducas?

As long as you earn a minimum of £13.45 an hour and are working on a temporary assignment which is due to last less than 24 months, most workers are eligible to join Ducas. There are a few exceptions, which include-

  • Gangmasters Licensing Authority as legislation states that umbrella companies are unable to hold GLA licenses. 

Am I eligible if I am a non-UK citizen?

Yes. All you need to register is a proof of address and ID, as well as a copy of your visa that shows you are permitted to work in the UK. Due to current EU legislation, citizens from Croatia do not qualify for an immediate right to work in the UK, however they can apply for a blue card visa. This visa would then allow you to be register with Ducas. 

Do I need to hold Public Liability insurance?

No. As an employee of Ducas, you are automatically covered by our policy. We hold £10m Employers Liability and £5m worth of Public Liability insurance, ensuring that you are fully covered at all times.

What can I claim on expenses?

For full details of all the claimable expenses, see the ‘Expenses’ page.  Expense claim forms must be submitted by no later than 5pm on Tuesday, to be included in that weeks payment.

How do you work out my holiday pay?

Holiday pay is accrued at 12.07% of your taxable income. This is equal to 20 days holiday per annum, plus eight bank holidays. Holiday pay is claimed by submitting a holiday claim form to us or by claiming on line. The holiday pay will then be processed and paid at the same time as your regular wages. The deadline for holiday claims is 12 noon on Monday of each week for payment on Wednesday.

Do I get paid regularly?

Yes. Ducas can process payments weekly, fornightly or monthly, depending on the arrangement with the agency or client that you are undertaking the assignment for.  Your money will be in your account on the same day that we receive cleared funds to cover your payment. Once you have been paid you will be notified by a text message sent to your mobile phone to let you know that the funds have been sent to your account.

Do I receive normal pay slips?

After you have been paid, a wage slip is posted or emailed to you. The payslip includes everything you’d expect to see, including your hours, your rate of pay and your total gross earnings, making it simple to keep track of exactly what you are receiving.

What is the 24 month rule?

If you are expecting to be working in the same job, at the same site for more than 40% of your time for a period greater than 24 months, that site becomes a permanent workplace and you can no longer claim expenses relating to your assignment at that location. Please contact our Customer Service Team if you need assistance with this issue.

The team at Ducas treat every client as an individual, and are dedicated to helping you make the most out of your payroll - find out how we can help you.


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